TEDxMinot – September 20th, 2013

TEDxMinot, operated under license from TED, will be held at the Minot Carnegie Center and Arlene Theater.

The conference will feature the region’s leading thinkers, innovators, artists, philosophers and entertainers  representing such diverse fields as technology, entertainment, entrepreneurship, art, design, music, ecology, and education, among others.

TEDxMinot will be joined simultaneously by dozens of other regional TEDx conferences happening all over the world.  Each organized along the unified theme of “City2.0 – Dream me.  Build me.  Make me real.”  With Minot’s dramatic population changes, this event will provide an opportunity to examine and determine the direction of this growth.

Yet the event is as much about the attendees as it is the speakers.  TEDxMinot will attract some of the brightest people from our region who can take the ideas presented and use them as a catalyst for change.  Between losing many longtime residents from the flood and the growth from the oil patch, Minot has unique opportunities to determine what kind of city it will be.